Where to find your Attestation Fiscale

I've seen quite a lot of people running micro-entreprises asking in various chat rooms where they can find the Attestation Fiscale that gives them the figure for their tax return.  The RSI used to send this to you as a paper form but stopped in 2017 and like a lot of French paperwork, it isn't obvious where you have to look to find it, so I've put together a step by step guide.

There are two places that you could potentially find it.  The first and most frequent probably concerns you if you are filing online using the micro-entreprise section of the internet service net-entreprises.fr.

Log into your net-entreprises.fr account and go to the page for Télédéclarations.  At the bottom of the left-hand menu column you will see a menu item "échanges avec mon Urssaf".  Click on it.

how to find your attestation fiscale on net-entreprises.fr

Next you will see the screen below.  Click on "Mes Attestations"

Find your attestation fiscale on net-entreprises.fr step 2

Then find the Attestation fiscale (annuelle) in the top box and click on "Valider".  Your attestation will appear in the list below and you can download it from there.attestation fiscale on net-entreprises.fr step 3

If you don't see the Echanges avec mon Urssaf tab on the menu, you won't be able to get your attestation from here.  Instead you need to go to www.secu-independants.fr and log in.  If you haven't got an account yet, it is easy to create one using your social security number as the NetID and the clé.  You then need to find Cotisations (not attestations) in the centre of the screen and click on "Accéder au service".

find attestation fiscale on secu-independants.fr

Then go to Attestations in the Cotisations menu on the left-hand side.

step to finding attestation fiscale on secu-independants.fr

Next find Attestation fiscale in the drop down box and click on Valider and your attestation will appear in the list below for you to download.

attestation fiscale on secu-independants.fr

Then all you have to do is put the figure in the correct box on the tax return!