Micro-entrepreneur quarterly declarations

Although no longer an autoentrepreneur, I still do the quarterly returns for my other half who hates paperwork, and I thought it might be useful to do a quick run through of the process, so here it is.

Go to autoentrepreneur.urssaf.fr and click on Mon Compte in the top righthand corner.  This will allow you to log in or create a new account.

 autoentrepreneur.urssaf.fr log in screen

Once connected, you will see this screen:

autoentrepreneur.urssaf.fr dashboard

You can add your bank account by clicking on Mes moyens de paiement and inputting your IBAN number.

Click on Déclarer et payer to complete your quarterly return.

autoentrepreneur.urssaf.fr quarterly déclaration

Put the sales figures into the appropriate box(es).  The first is for those affiliated to Urssaf, the second for those supplying services and affiliated to either the CMA or CCI and the third for those selling goods.  The click Suivant to move to the next stage.

autoentrepreneur.urssaf.fr contributions screen

The amounts to pay will be shown here.  The percentages will differ depending on whether you have opted to pay fixed tax or not.

Check them and click on Vaider to confirm.  You will then be asked to confirm the payment method and click on Payer ce mandat to complete the declaration.

autoentrepreneur.urssaf.fr payment screen

Once you have confirmed payment a screen confirming that your return has been submitted will appear.  You can download a receipt and if you realise that you have made a mistake you have until the final submission date to correct it by going to the "Ma déclaration" section and clicking on it.

Payment will be automatically taken from your account after the final submission date.

autoentrepreneur.urssaf.fr payment